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with this step-by-step guide

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Congratulations!  You have empowered yourself to take the first step towards great health, either for yourself or for your pet.  In time, you will look back on this day and be grateful that you did.

Decisions, decisions.....

Starting your health journey with the Young Living essential oils and oil-infused products is easy.  Start by choosing which of the following three options suits you best.

Option 1 -

Purchase a Starter Bundle

This is the most popular option and the best value for money, meaning your health journey just got more affordable.  Here is the selection of Starter Bundles available:

Premium Starter Bundle which contains

  • 12 essential oils that cover all of your everyday health needs

  • Diffuser with many designs to choose from

  • 2 x sachets of the NingXia Red superfood juice

  • Thieves Spray to sanitise all surfaces 

  • Thieves Hand Sanitiser 


Basic Starter Bundle which contains

  • Lavender and Stress Away essential oils

  • 2 x sachets of the NingXia Red superfood juice

  • Thieves Hand Sanitiser


NingXia Red Starter Bundle which contains

  • Contents of the Basic Starter Bundle

  • 3 x 750ml bottles of NingXia Red juice

  • 30 x 60ml sachets of NingXia Red juice


Healthy Home Starter Bundle which contains:

  • A variety of the Thieves cleaning product range

  • 6 essential oils

  • Diffuser

PLUS with any Starter Bundle purchase:

  • Enjoy 24% discount on ALL your purchases, now and into the future

  • Option to join the Essential Rewards loyalty program (ER)

  • Add any additional products to your order, also at the 24% discount

  • Receive comprehensive training on how to use the products in the Bundle

Option 2 -

Choose your own Products

Are you after certain oils or products that aren't in one of the Starter Bundles?  No problem!  You can simply do a Customised Enrolment Order.

  • Select products of your choice totaling 100PV or more

  • The purchase of a Starter Bundle is NOT required

  • Enjoy 24% discount on ALL your purchases, now and into the future

  • Option to join the Essential Rewards loyalty program (ER)

  • Receive comprehensive training on the products you ordered



Each oil and product is given a PV (a points value) amount. 

100PV equates to approximately $180 - $200 AUD.


Option 3 -

Become a Retail Customer


Very rarely do people choose this option.  It is designed for those who only want to purchase one small item and don't think they'll ever purchase again.


As a retail customer you:

  • Pay full price on all items

  • No minimum order or purchase of a Starter Bundle required

  • Select any product

  • Not able to join the Essential Reward loyalty program (ER)

  • Option to change your retail account to discounted prices by purchasing a Starter Bundle or ordering 100PV at any stage in the future


with Essential Rewards

You're almost there!  But wait......... there's one more decision for you to make.

Would you like to earn points on your orders that you can redeem on free products?

If you chose Option 1 or 2 above, then you are eligible to join the Essential Rewards loyalty program (ER). 


This is Young Living's monthly ordering program which allows you to purchase different oils or products each month and earn reward points.  It's perfect for those people embarking on a health journey, or those ditching the nasties and switching to chemical-free, or for those wanting to get the most value out of their orders.

  • Free to join (either with your first order or down the track)

  • Choose a day of the month that your order processes (this day can be changed at any time)

  • Choose your products to the value of 50PV ($80 - $100 AUD) or more

  • Ability to choose different products each month

  • Order will automatically process on the chosen day each month

  • Delivered to your door

  • Points earned on each order that can be redeemed on free products

  • The longer you stay on ER, the higher percentage of points you earn

  • Exclusive access to Essential Rewards Bundles with additional discounts

  • Eligible to receive ER promo gifts depending on your order size

  • Receive additional loyalty gifts for consecutive ordering of 100PV or more

  • Cancel at any time with no penalties

Make sure you click "YES"

to enrol in Essential Rewards

when creating your account

You will then be prompted to add products to the value of 50PV or more

which will be for next month's order (not your first order). 

These products can be changed at any time.

Package Delivery


Step 1

If you chose Option 1 or 2 above, and you reside in Australia or New Zealand, CLICK HERE to get started.

If you chose Option 3 to become a Retail Customer, and you reside in Australia or New Zealand, CLICK HERE to get started.  Remember to add our Enroller/Sponsor ID number when prompted - 685506 


If you live outside of Australia or New Zealand, please Contact Us and we will assist you in ordering.

Step 2

Choose your Starter Bundle OR Customise your Enrolment Order by choosing products of your choice.

For Retail Customers choose which product/s you would like to order and add them to your cart.

Step 3

Decide if you would like to enrol in the Essential Rewards program.  If you choose YES, you will be prompted to add products into your cart for NEXT month's order.  (You will not be charged for these items this month).  These items can be changed at any time.

Please note, joining the Essential Rewards program is not available if you are a Retail Customer.

Step 4

Fill in your personal particulars, including choosing a Username, Password and PIN for your account.

Check that the Sponsor ID and Enroller ID sections have the number 685506 added.  This ensures you receive direct support from us.

Step 5

Fill in your credit card details, check everything is correct on the final summary page, and then click Activate and Checkout!


Having difficulties or don't have the time? 


No problem!  Please Contact Us and we'll be happy to help set up your account for you. 

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