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In the eyes of a pet, we find solace, compassion, and boundless love.

As pet lovers ourselves, we understand the importance of keeping our beloved fur friends healthy and happy. At Crown Lodge Natural Therapies, we specialize in a wide range of natural remedies, designed to help your pets thrive, both physically and emotionally.

If you are looking for a hands-on treatment, why not book your horse or dog in to receive one of our powerful modalities - Raindrop Technique or Emotional Clearing Technique. 


If your pet has a specific health concern and you would like advice on natural options, simply reach out for a phone or in-person appointment.  We have a broad wealth of knowledge and specialise in the areas of Skin Itch, Separation Anxiety, Joint Issues, Phobias (e.g. storms), Trauma/Abuse Rehabilitation, and much more.


Alternatively you may wish to improve your pet's day-to-day health by ditching the chemicals and using natural products instead. 

Let us guide you to take the first step!  Contact Us today to learn more about our services.

About Section


It’s like a massage – but so much more!  ​Imagine how amazing your dog or horse will feel after receiving this gentle yet ever so powerful technique.  It commences with a calming and balancing movement.  Following this is "VitaFlex" on the hind legs (an Ancient Tibetan reflexology that is SO incredibly relaxing with the effects felt throughout the body).  The final part involves a variety of massage movements along the spine and associated back muscles.  Woven throughout this technique is the application of 9 different essential oils specifically chosen because of their powerful constituents and safe for use on animals.   

How can it help your dog or horse?

  • They feel calm, relaxed and pampered

  • Supports them emotionally if they are nervous/jittery or have been abused

  • Provides general support following an illness or injury

  • Pre or post workout support for the active or competition animal

Dog Lover

Additional benefits

Additional benefits of the VitaFlex and Massage components of the Raindrop Technique include:

  • Eases muscle pain

  • Enhances circulation

  • Stimulates movement of lymphatic fluid

  • Improves joint mobility

  • Boosts immune function

  • Reduces muscle tension

  • Speeds healing of soft tissue injuries

  • Improves mental alertness

  • Relieves stress

  • Creates a deep state of calm within them



This technique can be performed on dogs and horses of all ages.  You can be guaranteed that the oils used during this technique are 100% pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils, safe for use on animals and trusted by vets worldwide.  Why not try it for your pet or performance animal?  Gift vouchers are also available.

Girl and Horse


A Raindrop Technique session will take approximately 1.5 hours for a horse and 1 hour for a dog.  These prices relate to sessions that are conducted in the tranquil settings of my acreage home at Upper Caboolture.  I am also happy to travel to you however an additional travel fee will apply.

Horses $125

Dogs $50 (up to 9kgs) or $65 (10kgs and above)

Raindrop Technique sessions are also available for you and your family! Please visit the Your Health page for more details, or to book a session, Contact Us.


So many thankyou's beautiful lady.  After a long time of discomfort, our little Indi dog is this evening showing contented signs, including increased strength in her hind legs and is in a more relaxed state.  Wendy C.

Misty my horse was the happy recipient of a Raindrop Technique from Susan.  Leading up to it, she had had a tummy ache from ulcers and was laying down and not feeling good.  Following her session she appeared to be feeling better but the next day she was happy! This might sound a bit strange and I don't know if I imagined it but she was happy!  (She is well known for her grumpiness - I get comments all the time about my grumpy mare!)  Today I rode her and I noticed in her walk and trot she was taking longer strides.  (She tends to be a bit choppy).  And I'm pretty sure the Raindrop Technique has helped with her trust issues which has been an issue for her. I'm looking forward to keeping up with her treatments and helping her be the horse she can be! Mind you she's the best horse in the world to me and I love her to bits!  Leeanne B.

Helping one animal may not change the world.  But for that one animal its world will change.


Does your dog display adverse behavoural symptoms? Is it timid?  Is it scared of storms?  Does it fret when you’re not there?  Is it aggressive towards other dogs?

Does your horse display similar traits?  Is it spooky, tense or nervous?  Does it show aggression?  Have you witnessed anxiety when it is separated from a paddock companion?

Anyone who owns an animal will be well aware that  they can exhibit emotional states much like humans.  They feel happiness, joy, love and excitement.  However, depending on what they have experienced in life, they can also feel grief, loss, anxiety and fear. 


Wouldn’t it be great if we could support the emotional well-being of our pets? 

The Emotional Clearing Technique is a deeply relaxing experience for both dogs and horses.  Derived from Ancient Egyptian practices, it involves the application of up to 14 different essential oil blends that have been specifically designed to address emotional well-being.  The beautiful aromas of these oils access the limbic region of the brain where emotional memories and trauma are stored, helping to clear negative emotions that cause stress and unrest in your pet.

Our clients have reported that their horses seem so much more relaxed following the session or that their dogs have seemed more settled during thunderstorms.  The Emotional Clearing Technique has proven enormously valuable in helping these animals to return to normal happy behaviour.

Why not treat your dog or horse to an Emotional Clearing Technique  and see for yourself!  Gift vouchers are also available.

Animals are a gift from above for they truly define the words unconditional love.

Woman Embracing Dog
Animal Love


Thankyou so much for doing an Emotional Clearing Technique on my 8 year old dog Jedda. As you know he is scared stiff of thunderstorms and has ripped off many fly screens and the door trim on my door!! Throughout the technique it was clear to see that Jedda loved it, and so did our other dog who was asleep on the couch after the session! By the time you had left Jedda seemed much calmer, and I’m pleased to report that he seemed to be less stressed during the next thunderstorm. Thankyou as always for doing these wonderful techniques on myself and my pets!!  Nikki F.


An Emotional Clearing Technique session will take approximately 1 hour to perform on a horse or dog.  These prices relate to sessions that are conducted in the tranquil settings of my acreage home at Upper Caboolture.  I am also happy to travel to you however an additional travel fee will apply.

Horses / Dogs– $70 per session

Emotional Clearing Technique sessions are also available for you and your family! Please visit the Your Health page for more details.  If you wish to book a session, please Contact Us.

the natural way

Our pets bring us incredible joy and love, so of course we want them to live long and healthy lives.


At Crown Lodge Natural Therapies, we have dedicated the last 20+ years to helping pets all over the world feel their best. Our Natural Health Wellness Plans are designed for your specific pet's needs and offer simple steps to improve overall health.  Whether it is your dog, cat, horse or other animal, we have effective natural remedies for all sorts of health complaints including itchy skin; joint issues; stress and anxiety; and emotional trauma.


Contact Us today to book your in-person or phone appointment to discuss your pet's needs.  They will thank you!


30 mins - $30

45 mins - $45

60 mins - $60

Woman With Dog

Susan is a wealth of knowledge and I have been seeking her expert, trusted advice for all our doggo family members over the years.  As a result, I can make informed decisions about what I use to feed, support and treat our dog. Whenever anything unusual is going on with our fur baby, Susan helps provide a calm, considered perspective that allows for rational decision making.  Something we all need!  Karen K.


Susan has such a wealth of knowledge with horses and has helped me on so many occasions over the years.  There is no one that I trust more for advice when it comes to their health and wellbeing. Most recently my new horse had a bad case of seedy toe, resulting in part of the hoof coming away causing a significant injury. Susan provided us with immediate support using oils to ease the pain, to ensure the site stayed clean and safe from infection, and to promote healthy new growth. She also suggested a natural product with has proven to be effective in treating all of his hooves to ward off further seedy toe.  Despite such a significant injury my horse continued to be sound due to the care from Susan and my ongoing use of the oils.  I appreciate the care she has given me and my animals over the years, taking the time to listen and support us with natural alternatives which have successfully supported us in many times of need.  Each time I work with Susan I learn something new making me a more confident horse owner, and when I don’t know the answer it is reassuring to know I can contact her for advice.  Michelle G.

to want the best for your pet

Our pets are an important part of our family, and consequently we want to take care of them so that they lead long and healthy lives.  As time goes on, there seems to be an ever-increasing amount of health issues that our pets are presenting with.  Conditions such as itchy skin, fungal infections, joint issues, cancers, pancreatitis, hyperthyroidism, reproductive issues, neurological issues, and more.  So what could be causing this increase?


There are countless studies now showing a direct link between our pet's health and their exposure to chemicals.  There are many ways in which chemicals can enter our pet's bodies, such as inhalation, through the fur/skin, and via ingestion.  And being a smaller size (especially in the case of dogs and cats) they are much more sensitive to chemical exposure.    


Is your home environment putting your pet at risk?  Let's take a look at some common ways you could inadvertently be affecting your pet's health:

  • Do you use plug-in air fresheners or scented candles?

  • What do you clean your house and mop your floors with?

  • Is your furniture or carpet Scotchgarded?   

  • What shampoo do you wash your pets with?

  • Is your dog or cat fed biscuits or tin food?

  • Is your horse fed grains or hay?

  • Is weed spray used in the house yard or horse paddock?

  • What laundry detergent do you use to wash pet's bedding or coats?


The single most important thing you can do as a pet owner, is to limit or remove your pet's exposure to chemicals. And this is where the Young Living essential oils and products can help.  They are a one-stop-shop that has your pet's needs covered.  Whether it be pet shampoo, pet ointment, supplements, laundry detergent, household cleaning products or essential oil diffusers to freshen the air, you can be guaranteed that their products contain only the very best ingredients.

Would you like to take the first step in creating a healthy home environment for your pet?  We can help you get started.  Simply visit the Getting Started page, or alternatively Contact Us for advice or support with ordering.  And most importantly, if you would like to join our community of animal lovers and receive free ongoing support, you will need our ID number when ordering:

Susan Marshall

Young Living Enroller/Sponsor ID number:  685506

Animal Scents Range

Specifically designed with your pet in mind, the Animal Scents Range contains five therapeutic-grade essential oils, a pH-balanced shampoo and a nourishing ointment.  In their broader range, you can choose from over 170 essential oils and blends, plus other beneficial products for your pet.  These have all met the stringent Seed to Seal quality guarantee, making them safe for use on your pets and trusted by vets worldwide.  

Cleaning Range

Keep your home clean without compromising your pet's health.  The Thieves Cleaning Range brings safe alternatives to your home, so you can replace harsh chemicals with naturally derived formulas that work hard and smell amazing.  Choose from an all-purpose household cleaner, laundry soap (for pet bedding), dish soap (for food bowls), fruit & veggie soak (with enzymes to break down urine smell) and a scrub (for carpets). 

Thieves Range.jpg


One of the best ways to introduce your pets to essential oils, is to invest in a Young Living diffuser.  Whether you want to eliminate odours, or create a relaxing and calm atmosphere, there are many stylish designs and features to choose from.  Manufactured to the highest quality, these diffusers withstand the purity of the Young Living oils and will not deteriorate over time like cheaper ones on the market.  Plus, there is even a diffuser for the car, making trips to the vet more settling.

Supplements & Nutrition

 Peak performance and health for your pet starts on the inside.  Healthy joints, a healthy digestive system and a healthy immune system ensures your pet can live its best life.  Choosing natural supplements and nutrition is the key to working in synergy with the body's needs.  Whether you have a performance animal or a pet, why not tap into our 20+ years experience and let us help you choose the best quality supplements and diet for your pet.  You will be amazed at the difference! 

Horseback Riding

surrounding essential oil use on animals

A common concern is whether essential oils are safe to use on or around animals.  Unfortunately people turn to the internet for advice and they find information about certain oils being toxic, or animals being harmed by the use of essential oils either on their pet or in the home.  However these internet claims never divulge what brand of essential oil was used or what amounts were used during application.

In the last 10 or so years, there has been growing popularity in natural remedies for pets, including essential oils.  With this however comes a boom in companies out to make a quick profit.  These companies buy their oils from brokers, meaning there is little or no quality assurance, as well as no ability to test the purity of these oils as they don't have the education or equipment to do so.  Consequently these oils are found to contain synthetic constituents which can cause harm to both animals and people.

Furthermore, if you have no experience in using essential oils on animals, you may inadvertently use too much which can also have adverse effects.

Only the best for your pet

At Crown Lodge Natural Therapies we have been using the Young Living brand of essential oils and products safely on animals for over 20 years.  Their Seed to Seal guarantee gives you peace of mind that no chemicals or synthetic additives are used during any stage of the process.  Here are some other reasons why they are the trusted brand among vets and practitioners worldwide:


  • Own their own farms or partner with farmers to ensure quality control

  • Extensive research into the correct species of plant that works best on the body

  • All grown from the healthiest of seeds - not cloned, hybridised or genetically-modified

  • All farms meet organic status meaning no chemicals are used

  • Plants are harvested at the correct time to ensure the purest of oils

  • Distillation uses low pressure and temperature to protect fragile constituents  

  • Plants are distilled for the correct length of time to ensure all constituents are obtained

  • Every batch of oil is tested 90 times using state-of-the-art equipment to ensure purity

Guidance you can trust


For over two decades, we have been helping animals worldwide live a happier and healthier life.  In fact Susan, the owner of Crown Lodge Natural Therapies, is considered an international expert on essential oils for animals.  She is regularly asked to impart her knowledge on the global stage, speaking at conferences and on webinars, alongside vets and other natural health practitioners.  


So when you are ready to take the first step using essential oils on your pets reach out and let us guide you.  We can provide education on which oil or product to use, when it should be used, and how to safely use it.  And we will be with you every step of the way.

Cute Dog
Susan with dogs.jpg


Susan Marshall -

Owner of Crown Lodge Natural Therapies

Susan has been an animal lover all her life and her passion is to help them live happy and healthy lives.  She has a natural affinity with animals and works with her extensive knowledge as well as her intuition to get to the core of health issues.  After having much success treating animals via holistic and natural means, Susan chose to devote her life to this type of work.  Word quickly spread about her abilities and she is now considered an international expert in the field of essential oils for animals, regularly speaking at events globally.  Whether you would like Susan to perform the Raindrop Technique or Emotional Clearing Technique on your animal, or you would like have a consult and discuss a wellness plan for your pet, you can be assured you're in the very best of hands. 

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